About B6 Furniture

We design, make and deliver loose-fill cushions and quality furniture in close collaboration with our customers. We specialise in loose-fill cushions for all purposes and seating furniture such as sofas, dining chairs, armchairs and garden furniture, where we have a strong focus on comfort and quality. We use fully certified quality materials from the EU and made in Europe from our own factories in Denmark, Germany and Slovakia.



At B6 Furniture, we are your strategic partner and are with you from idea and vision to the finished product. This applies whether the product is cut foam, loose-fill cushions or a finished piece of upholstered furniture.

Complete furniture manufacturer and supplier

We offer you the full service and technical knowledge that comes from decades of experience, so you can feel confident throughout the process.

We have our origins in cushion production and are specialists in designing and producing loose-fill cushions. The development in the market means that we can now also offer our customers to make the finished furniture. We do this with a focus on quality, comfort and respect for materials and the environment.

In other words, you get everything in one place, and if you have specific wishes, we have the specialists to make them a reality.

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B6 Furniture is part of the B6 Group and has its roots in North Jutland, Denmark. The company started in 1972, when the Stenbro family opened a factory just outside Sæby. Here, the company converted foam products such as filling and upholstery items for customers in the furniture industry. With the desire to serve its customers and as a natural development of the company's activities, production of upholstered cushions began in the early 1980s.

Our history

Today, B6 Furniture is a leading supplier to the furniture industry in Europe.

Today, the second generation of the Stenbro family have taken over, and with Brian Stenbro as CEO, B6 Furniture has expanded its business so that today B6 Furniture provides a wide range of services to the furniture industry. We do this as a subcontractor and in close collaboration with our customers.

Traditionally, manufacturers of loose-fill cushions use new foam to make the cushions. In parallel, B6 Furniture has developed a unique manufacturing process that also allows us to use regenerated foam to make our products. We do this because we are aware of the task of presenting our customers with environmentally friendly products. This is a priority for us and responsible use of materials has become a major focus area at B6 Furniture. It is important for us to help make good quality furniture.